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NewTek's Best, Most Amazing NAB Ever!

It is certainly cliché. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve said it and probably won’t be the last. But if it’s true, how else would we characterize our performance and participation at NAB 2015 other than it was the best, most amazing ever?

How is it that a company can say such a thing? There are several ways. One way many companies measure their performance at tradeshows is the number of visitors to the booth. By scanning badges whenever someone pays us a visit, we can determine a lot about our “crowd”. We do this every year and at each NAB we push ourselves to loftier goals. This year was no exception.

8-18-2015 11-03-55 AMInternally, many people scoffed and snickered when our initial booth scan goal was announced to the troops. “No way!” was the cry. “You’re smoking something!” was another. As it turns out, we not only met our stated stretch goal for booths scans, we hit it on Wednesday and shattered it to bits by the time the show closed on Thursday. We are also able to tell how many guests we welcomed who were new to NewTek and we were pleased to see that the large majority of booth scans were new to NewTek. So from that standpoint alone, it is easy to say that this was our best and most amazing NAB ever. Far exceeding our goal will make it tough on the team to duplicate and surpass next year, but we will endeavor to do so.

The legendary Kiki Stockhammer and Rex Olson opened NewTek's NAB 2015 with the first presentation of the day.

The legendary Kiki Stockhammer and Rex Olson opened NewTek' s NAB 2015.

Another way to measure success is simply by polling the collective thoughts and feelings of our people working the floor at the booth, many of whom have been representing NewTek at NAB for more than a decade. They know. Across the board, our veteran NAB booth representatives stated it was our best, most amazing NAB ever. Not only was the traffic at an all-time high but so was the amount of time visitors spent with us listening and asking questions about our products as reported by our folks on the floor. I was there on the show floor at our booth nearly the entire time and I can say from my perspective, it was never slow. We were busy from beginning to end. I only had one opportunity to walk through the north and central halls and I was surprised by the difference. There were far more people and it was far noisier in the south hall than the other two and our pods were busy all the time.

TriCaster Advanced Edition copyIt helps to have great products, great new products and products that are not only innovative but drive the industry to greater heights and capabilities. At NAB 2015 we launched our most powerful version of TriCaster ever — TriCaster Advanced Edition. A common refrain I heard from visitors after seeing the demo are echoed in this lead sentence from an article posted by Bruce A. Johnson of Pro Video Coalition:

“After releasing the astounding TriCaster Mini just a few months back, you might think that NewTek was out of fresh ideas to surprise us with at NAB 2015. You would be wrong.”

hb-3PlayMini3Play Mini

We also launched the 3Play Mini––a unique, first-of-it-kind product. A professional instant replay and slow motion device with more integrated capabilities than you can count in a chassis you can carry in one hand and throw in a backpack. Like the name implies, it is small and so is its price.

TalkShow a winner!TalkShow & TriCaster Mini – also new to NAB

New to NAB were TriCaster Mini and TalkShow, two new products that were launched before NAB and made their NAB debut. They represent two of our most popular products ever.

TalkShow was used on our stage presentation with Kiki, Rex and Don and we had Anna Castro streaming in live from San Antonio interacting with our stage presenters like she was there. Some people found it hard to believe she wasn’t hiding in the back of the booth somewhere so by Day 2 we had Anna grab a copy of the morning edition of the San Antonio News-Express.

TalkShow was also recognized by TV Technology with an NAB 2015 Best of Show Award.

Don Ballance on stage at NAB 2015, talking to Anna Castro live via Talkshow, from San Antonio TX.

Don Ballance on stage at NAB 2015, talking to Anna Castro live via Talkshow, from San Antonio TX.

Broadcast Minds and Show Beyond

If that weren’t enough, we also hosted the 5th annual Broadcast Minds panel, featuring Leo Laporte, founder & owner of, as host. Panelists include Marc DeBevoise - EVP & GM Entertainment, News, & Sports for CBS Interactive, Sterling Proffer - Head of Digital Strategy for VICE Media, and Robert Scoble - Futurist for Rackspace.

Every year at NAB we like to introduce a theme. this year our theme was “Show Beyond.” What does that mean exactly? Check out our show opening video here:

NewTek Developer Network - JVC, Panasonic, Vizrt and more…


Another component of our best, most amazing NAB ever was more than a dozen partner companies announcing their participation in the NewTek Developer Network, which means certain specific products of theirs will integrate seamlessly into a NewTek product workflow. We were pleased to have JVC and Panasonic, well-known broadcast-quality camera manufacturers adding “Cameras” as a new Developer Network category for TriCaster. We are also happy to see Vizrt announce major integration of a number of products with TalkShow.

Other Developer Network announcements at NAB included:

  • PESA - PESA Joins NewTek Developer Network, Launches New Router at NAB 2015
  • Sienna - SIENNA announces APC integration with NewTek TriCaster
  • PlayBox - PlayBox Technology announces TitleBox IP for TriCaster
  • Squid - SQUID joins NewTek Developer Network to release a complete play-out solution
  • LiveXpert - 3D Storm Embraces the StudioXperience with LiveXpert @NAB 2015
  • ScaleLogic - Scale Logic, Inc., In Collaboration with NewTek and Zixi, drives 4K Workflow for the StudioXperience and Waskul TV at NAB 2015
  • ENCO - ENCO Announces Integration with NewTek TriCaster
  • Audinate - Audinate and NewTek collaborate to bring Dante to TriCaster Advanced Edition
  • Burst - Burst Joins NewTek Developer Network to Bring User-Generated Content to the Masses

So now it’s time to sing a lullaby to NAB 2015, to bid it farewell before moving forward to even bigger and greater things. IBC anyone?

An NAB 2015 Video Album

Jorge Dighero demos some of the new features in TriCaster Advanced Edition:


Jorge Dighero demos remote control of TalkShow with Skype TX Controller:


**A demo video from NewsMAKER from the NAB show floor: **


* A demo video from Sportzcast from the NAB show floor:*


A video from new NewTek Developer Network participant JVC from the NAB show floor:

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