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NAB 2019: Video-Tour der Aussteller auf der NDI® Central

Sixteen NDI® developers exhibited a wide range of media production tools this year in NewTek’s NDI Central booth, SL5616, in the South Lower Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 8-11. In addition, many other vendors across the show floor were also showing production tools that engaged NDI for IP-based video production using standard networks.

NewTek’s video production team spoke with many of these exhibitors in this video tour of the NAB 2019 NDI presenters. We also took time with a few before the show, for an NDI Central podcast series. Lastly, we have info summaries drawn from TVTechnology’s coverage below for those we were not able to interview at the show. Taken together, we see a great cross-section of the wide range of applications for NewTek’s NDI technology shown at NAB 2019.

3D Storm:

  • LiveCG Broadcast is a compact multilayer character generator for automatic management of titles and graphics
  • Delta-Stadium, a turnkey solution to generate and display 2D and 3D graphics for pre-game animations and presentations, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, actions and referee decisions
  • LiveMedia Server NDI-2, a versatile dual-channel software HD video player-recorder that uses the NewTek NDI protocol

AJT Systems, a Division of Daktronics: AJT Systems is demonstrating its SportApp 3 application, graphics playout control with connections to data feeds from various scoreboard controllers, and with dual channel NDI and SDI support. SportApp 3 supports basketball, football, baseball, hockey and soccer.

Bannister Lake: Chameleon NDI data aggregation and management software solution, used to create and manage tickers, L-Bars and full frame graphics. Reads, ingests and manages multiple, diverse data feeds, such as news, weather, sports and social media.

Bluefish444: a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art video capture and playback cards, with SDI and NDI support.

Changsha KILOVIEW Electronics:

  • N1: a portable, wireless SDI-to-NDI video encoder
  • N2: a portable wireless HDMI-to-NDI video encoder

ClassX: creator of reliable and powerful high-end real-time graphics software and complete systems for broadcast, with NDI I/O.

Dalet Digital Media: a leader in digital media asset management systems for broadcast and entertainment production.

Drastic Technologies: cutting edge software solutions for broadcast production with a wide range of file format support and IP integration.


  • enCaption, automated closed captioning and transcription with support for NDI streams in and out
  • Media Operations Manager (MOM) automated playout system with powerful media asset management, and which includes NDI I/O

Entertainment Services LA: Change of pace! One of the NAB 2019 attendees was Brian Sheil, proprietor of Entertainment Services LA with offices in Los Angeles and New York. The TriCaster user actively contributes production and streaming services to local, national and global broadcast events and second screen experiences. He’s also the coach and sponsor of the Little League TriCasters Baseball team!

Etere Pte. Ltd: Full IP Playout with ETX-M IP Multiviewer, a scaleable, easy to manage and cost-effective IP playout solution that eliminates the need for SDI hardware, this single piece of software manages ingest, playback, graphics, archive and newsroom with no third-party integrations.

Graphics Outfitters:

  • ReplayHD instant replay, an NDI-integrated production system with up to eight channels of NDI Replay, Replay Wipes as well as two NDI keyers outside of Replay and two inside
  • Rundown CG: up to four channels of NDI CG graphics that can be controlled independently or via mainstream newsroom automation systems
  • A Rundown CG cloud-based newsroom automation application is also available
  • ScoreHD: dual-channel NDI sports graphics system with specific control applications for a multitude of sports


  • Direkt router, the “Swedish Army knife of decoders” offering up to eight NDI outputs
  • Bifrost Reliable Transport (BRT), protocol for bonding, error correction and redundancy

Lumens: Manufacturer of cameras for virtually every segment of the market, including two PTZ models with NDI support.

MakeTV: Live content acquisition, curation, management, switching, playout and more, all based in the cloud and including NDI I/O.

Media 5: for more than 25 years, bringing character generators, playout systems and now a Media Asset Management (MAM) system to broadcast production, with NDI support.

Medialooks: Video Transport: delivers NDI streams across long distance via the public Internet with ultra-low latency and at high quality, with adaptive bit rate support, point-to-point encryption and PTZ camera control.

Microvideo: Axim Studio delivers high-quality streaming video over a standard internet connection. Allows broadcasters to connect with experts and commentators, newsrooms to connect with reporters, teachers with students, vloggers with followers, local governments with constituents and sports teams with fans.


  • Titler Live 4 Broadcast: an on-air graphics solution that streamlines workflows for the creation of broadcast graphics, up to 16 channels of 4K-NDI or 4K-SDI key and fill
  • Titler Live 4 Present: streamlines on-air graphics workflow by driving them from spreadsheets, for dynamic graphics, bugs, clocks and titles
  • Titler Live 4 Sport: scoreboard connectivity and included controllers to deliver dynamic scoreboard graphics
  • Titler Live 4 Social: enhances productions by adding live audience comments, tweets and Facebook polling, can engage viewers of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos with 3D animated social graphics

Panasonic Systems Solutions Company:

  • Panasonic AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70 and AW-HN130 PTZ cameras, all with NDI|HX support
  • Panasonic AV-HLC100 Stream Studio all-in-one live production streaming solution with NDI support


  • mRes: multi-resolution real-time encoding with multiple codec support and full-time recording, and output via NDI
  • Streamfile Core: Captures and encodes multiple IP stream types including NDI into popular file-based codecs such as ProRes, DNX, XDCam and others, for use in popular post-production and editing software
  • NetVu Pro: NDI-based audio/video monitoring and distribution system

Sportzcast: the company is showing new ScoreHub, for real-time data distribution from any scoreboard. ScoreHub includes a touchscreen LED control panel, wireless connectivity options as well as HDMI and native NDI implementation.

SQD Technologies: SQUID is a software-driven solution for TV workflows with NDI support.

Stream Circle: cloud-native channel automation system with graphics engine, with NDI support.

For more details, read at TVTechnology:

Learn more about NewTek at NAB 2019:

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