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NDI® Central Live Webcast Comes to Twitch,, Facebook Live

Rex Olson interviews work-at-home weatherman Geoff Fox on the NAB 2017 NDI Central Live Webcast.

NewTek will be live streaming from Booth SL5016 at NABShow 2018 for three days, in our second annual NDI® Central Live webcast. The webcast will showcase developers and creators using NDI to create and innovate. The webcast will feature exhibitor guest segments, NewTek developer partners, as well as interviews with broadcasters, creators and industry dignitaries who are putting NewTek’s video production technologies to work across a broad range of broadcast and streaming productions. The industry’s continued move toward IP workflows will be highlighted and innovative approaches to video that are made possible with NDI will be explored.

This year the show will also be live streaming to NewTek’s HQ and international Facebook pages, via Facebook Live, all day Monday through Wednesday. News and announcements will be posted outside the Facebook Live streaming hours, which are listed below. NewTek’s Twitter and other social media accounts will be posted to on our regular schedule.

The NDI Central Live webcast streams from the show floor at the NewTek booth #SL5016, from:

  • 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT on Monday, April 9
  • 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT on Tuesday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 11

at the following sites:

*Please note that in the event of technical difficulty, NewTek will fall back to streaming to Please go to that site if you find that the stream is not live on the other given locations.

NDI Central Live Webcast Schedule

Please note: NAB can be very hectic, so please be aware that actual starting times may vary. Schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Time                       Guests

10:00: AM                Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek: News from NewTek

10:30: AM                Mark Stross, ANC: Digital Signage

11:00: AM                Franck LaFage, 3D Storm: Production Tools

11:30: AM                Bob Herzan and Daryl Heinis, Scale Logic: Genesis NX series NAS

12:00: PM                Mike Fredriksen and Steve Hart, RT Software: tOG Telestrator System

12:30: PM                Imry Halevi, Harvard Athletics

1:00: PM                  Delix Alex, Panasonic: PTZ Cameras

1:30: PM                  Corey Behnke, Production Bot: Production Bot®, Switch 4, 8, Control Surface

2:00: PM                  Fabio Gattari, Etere Pte Ltd: Etere Full IP Playout with IP Multiviewer

2:30: PM                  Ron Linares and Yanier Figueras, AJT Systems

3:00: PM                  Bryan McKoen, Fingerworks: Fingerworks Telestrators

3:30: PM                  Tim Jenison, Founder, NewTek

4:00: PM                  Peter Young, Hubcast Media

4:30: PM                  George Klippel, LiveU: LU600 HEVC

5:00: PM                  Jim Robinson, The Weather Channel, An IBM Company

5:30: PM                  Rex Olson, NewTek: Wrapup


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Time                       Guests

9:00: AM                  Rex Olson, NewTek: Welcome

9:30: AM                  Paul Richards. PTZ Optics: NDI Cameras

10:00: AM                Eric Kampmann, Deltacast  

10:30: AM                Josef Vasica, Stream Circle: Stream Circle - TV Automation as a Service

11:00: AM                Andy Maisner, TV Pro Gear

11:30: AM                Oliver Breidenbach,  Boinx: mimoLIve, mimoLive Reporter, PhotoPresenter, mimoLive Monitor

12:00: PM                Pierre Chevalier, Softron: MovieRecorder

12:30: PM                Will Waters, NewTek

1:00: PM                  Andrey Okunev, Medialooks: Medialooks Video Transport

1:30: PM                  Victor Borachuk, JupiterReturn

2:00: PM                  Gerhard Lang, Vizrt: Graphics Systems

2:30: PM                  Yutaka Matsuyama, NIXUS: Celio Graphics System

3:00: PM                  Mark Alamares, Mobeon

3:30: PM                  Brian Olson, NewTek

4:00: PM                  Matt Harmer, 59 Studios

4:30: PM                  Jacob Zuo, Changsha Kiloview. Electronics Co.,Ltd: P2 4G bonding wireless encoder and A1 Plus SDI live encoder

5:00: PM                  Scott Hasty, Weather Metrics: IP Sky Cams for News & Weather

5:30: PM                  Mike Connell, SportzCast: Scorebot, LiveSportz CG

6:00: PM                  Rex Olson, NewTek: Wrapup


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Time                       Guests

9:00: AM                  Rex Olson, NewTek

9:30: AM                  Jackson Root and Tod Musgrave, Marshall Electronics: NDI Cameras

10:00: AM                Dean Kolkey, NewsMaker Systems: NewsCaster Suite

10:30: AM                Amy Zhou and Kate Koch, Magewell: Ultra Stream HDMI

11:00: AM                Hugo Delgadin, Media 5 SRL: Data CG NDI 500, Data CG NDI 6400, Data CG NDI 3D, Data Play NDI

11:30: AM                Scott Carroll, NewTek

12:00: PM                Joe Christensen, Blaze Streaming Media: Connect Spark

12:30: PM                Travis White, NewBlueFX: Titler Live 3 Broadcast

1:00: PM                  Brian Sheil, Entertainment Services LA

1:30: PM                  Karl Soule, Adobe: Adobe Creative Cloud and NDI

2:00: PM                  Osman Yel and Hasan Yel, Devtek: Easy OnAir - 4K/HD/SD Automated Playout and Graphics with Streaming

2:30: PM                  Kasper Skaarhoj, Skaarhoj: Camera control panels

3:00: PM                  Richard Ruben, Mobile Studios: Spark Mount

3:30: PM                  Peter Haller, NewTek: ProServ

4:00: PM                  Georg Lenzen, Make TV: Live Video Cloud

4:30: PM                  Randy Martens, Avid: Avid Media Composer

5:00: PM                  Phil Kurz, NewBay Media: ATSC 3.0

5:30: PM                  Rex Olson, NewTek: Wrapup

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