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SKAARHOJ Camera Controllers Support NewTek NDI® PTZ1 Camera

SKAARHOJ, a leading designer and manufacturer of tactile universal broadcast controllers, now supports NewTek NDI® PTZ1 Camera with many of their Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) and Remote Control Panel (RCP) camera controllers. SKAARHOJ’s products feature a high focus on integrating control of multiple devices in a live production setup, and offer the flexibility to producers to both consolidate control for limited crew or distribute control for complex broadcast productions.

The NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera is the world’s first video camera to integrate NDI technology. Supporting video, audio, control, tally, and power over a single Ethernet cable, it delivers broadcast-quality live video over IP directly to any NDI-compatible system, device, or application—anywhere on your network. The camera offers video formats up to 1080p60, features 20x zoom, and includes USB, 3G-SDI and HDMI out, and RS232 and RS422 connections for maximum flexibility with respect to delivery and control options.

SKAARHOJ RCP controllers address control of camera settings, such as white balance, gain, exposure mode, iris adjustment, etc. PTZ controllers cover these functions as well, and add control of the motion and zoom of robotic cameras. In the video, Kasper Skårhøj, president and chief designer at SKAARHOJ, demonstrates how to use the PTZ Fly and RCPv2 camera controllers simultaneously with NewTek’s NDI® PTZ1 robotic camera. This type of setup would allow one operator to monitor and adjust camera shading and matching for all cameras full time, and another operator to concentrate on control of movement and zoom for all cameras at the director’s instruction.

Both controller types use the Sony VISCA robotic camera control protocols, so they can control compatible cameras from a variety of manufacturers that have adopted the standard. This includes NewTek NDI PTZ1 camera, which implements VISCA over IP.  The SKAARHOJ controllers support this. Multiple controllers able to interact independently with multiple cameras is one of the major advantages of IP video production.

SKAARHOJ offers a wide variety of controllers for broadcast production, for cameras, switching, audio and more. These come in a range of sizes and form factors, to allow the producer to choose the best fit for their studio or OB truck space and their desired workflow. Many models support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for single-cable operation. The controllers also feature lighted buttons color-coded for activation state and OLED control labels that update as the user changes modes or configurations for each control.

Details available at: SKAARHOJ

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SKAARHOJ RCPv2 controller diagram

SKAARHOJ PTZ Fly controller diagram

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