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Starwest Studios Opens Cutting-Edge Dance Broadcast Facility

Starwest Studios has launched Lot 2, a cutting-edge dance studio with broadcast production facilities, including a NewTek-powered live broadcast control room. Lot 2 houses a Roland music recording suite, features state-of-the-art lighting from LitePanels LED lighting solutions and an incredible 3,800-square-foot clear-span sprung wood dance floor from StageStep suitable for filming as well as for large castings and auditions.

“We’re extremely excited about the potential of our new facility to support web-based, independent dance productions and broadcasts, a big growth area in the entertainment industry. And one of the things we’re most proud of is the technology on display,” said Sammy Oriti, Starwest Studios producer/partner. “We’ve dedicated Starwest as a showroom for the absolute leading edge in broadcast, video, and production technologies…”

Several NewTek HD production systems form the live production control room suite:

  • TriCaster 8000 with Advanced Edition - 10-input multi-camera integrated live production system with 24-channel switching, media players, motion graphics, 4 DSK channels, virtual sets, digital effects, 8 M/Es, and more
  • 3Play 4800 - 8-in/2-out synchronized instant replay and variable speed slow motion production system and media server with media players, DSK, motion graphics, digital effects, 8-channel IsoCording, and more
  • TalkShow VS 4000 - 4 Skype TX channel live calling system for broadcast
  • TriCaster Mini/ SDI - portable 8-input production system, up to 4 SDI / up to 8 NDI inputs, media players, motion graphics, 2 DSK channels, virtual sets, digital effects, 4 M/Es and more

Starwest Studios Lot 2 Control Room

The TriCasters and the 3Play allow for massive, complex productions when used together. Since each is a fully capable production system in its own right, however, they also allow for multiple productions to be carried out simultaneously, and yet have the flexibility and features to support one another in those multiple productions.

All of the NewTek systems include networking, and support NDI®, NewTek’s royalty-free bi-directional IP technology for transport of video, audio, metadata and communications. Across a standard Ethernet network, the TriCasters can share all their inputs and outputs with each other as NDI streams. The TalkShow can share all four channels with the TriCasters with only a network connection, with no need for direct video and audio cabling. The 3Play can supply its output to the TriCasters via NDI as well.

The automation capabilities built into NewTek production systems allow either of the TriCasters and the 3Play to send commands to any of the systems, leveraging the power of all to a single operator. That same capability also allows for distributing controls to any aspect of the production to other systems and devices whenever desired. The network can be used for this, but also MIDI and other means of communication and control, for unmatched flexibility for the production crew.

Read a profile on Starwest’s state of the art lighting for the new studio: Starwest Studios Partners With LitePanels For Cutting-Edge Dance Broadcast Facility

Check out Starwest Studios Lot 2.

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