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Getting Started with TriCaster® TC1 Chapter 2: Setting Up

February 07, 2019 by Richard Evans and Chuck Baker

Our tutorial series on getting started with TriCaster® TC1 continues with a look at the startup user interface screens and options. You will learn how use the administrative screen, how to do the settings for your first work session, and how to start your work session.

When you launch TriCaster TC1, the software opens on the Home Screen.

TriCaster TC1 software Home Screen New Session settings

The uppermost option is New Session, and when it is selected you will see the settings available for creating a new session. These include:

  • Session Name entry field
  • Which device to store this session on
  • An existing session to use as a template for the settings for the new session
  • The video settings to use for the output of the new session
    • NTSC or PAL Standard
    • Resolution
    • Format
  • Start Session Button.

TriCaster TC1 software Home Screen Open Session settings

Next is the New Session option. When this is selected, you will see a list of recent sessions and can choose one to load. You can also load a backup session that you have previously stored. You have access to browse your media storage devices for a session or backup.

TriCaster TC1 software Home Screen Add-Ons settings

Third on the Home Screen is the Add-Ons option. When this is selected you will see a list of available add-ons on the right side of the screen. You can access or manage your add-ons.

TriCaster TC1 software Home Screen Help settings

With this option you can access the available documents and manuals for your TriCaster TC1 and add-ons.

TriCaster TC1 software Home Screen Shutdown settings

From this option you can restart or shutdown your TriCaster TC1, or you can go to the Administrator Mode.

TriCaster TC1 software Administrator Screen settings

In the Adminstrator Mode, you have access to the basic system settings of the TriCaster TC1, including region, date and time. You can also open a browser, to view the web or to view local files on your drives. You have a variety of System Utilities, including the Enter Feature Key option which allows you to activate add-ons such a Premium Access, plus many housekeeping and management functions for your system. Lastly, there are Shutdown options to either exit to Windows OS, or return to the TC1 environment.

TriCaster TC1 software Session Screen controls

Once you select Start Session on a new session, or select an existing session from the Open Session listing, the TC1 software moves to the Session Screen, which offers three options. At the top is the Live option, which has one choice available - Start Live Production, which takes you into the TC1’s live production interface.

TriCaster TC1 software Session Screen, Graphics option controls

From the Graphics option, you access your LiveText graphics projects. You can either select an existing project or create a new one, then select the Start Project button to open LiveText and work on the project.

TriCaster TC1 software Session Screen, Manage option controls

From the Manage option of the session screen, you have access to browse and manage your media files. This includes video and audio files, as well as your LiveText graphics projects. In addition you have access to the Session Utilities that let you edit the text files for your Datalink keys, which provide data driven graphics for your session, and that let you backup your session.

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