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M/E Re-entry and Multi-Box Effects

December 13, 2017

NewTek professional production systems include the ability to layer video and graphics for many visually arresting effects that help make your videos compelling viewing for audiences. Among the tools for this are the Mix/Effects buses, which support re-entry - meaning that you can do multiple layering by applying one M/E on another M/E. A class of effects that producers like to use to layer video is multi-box effects, and M/Es excel at this type of effect.

Our trainer shows the setup for making a seven-layer multi-box effect on Program Output with an animation for the background and six video sources in boxes. Two of the M/E buses are involved in this setup, M/E 1 and M/E 3, and M/E 1 is re-entered on M/E 3. Preset saving and the M/E Comp Bin are also engaged to help quickly and efficiently complete the setup. From there, the Main Switcher Comp Bin presets are used help to create dynamic content with virtual camera moves.

Much of the necessary work is done ahead of time and mentioned as the trainer shows us through the setups in the UI. We’ll try to clarify the steps in the text and images, but would recommend that you take some time to read the M/E section of the User Guide for your NewTek production system.

NewTek Switcher UI Mix/Effects Bus

The process begins by selecting M/E 1, and selecting 3 sources on Input rows A, B, and C, and an animation clip in DDR1 on Input Row D, as seen in the image above.

M/E 1 Input Row A Positioner Panel open.

As the trainer mentions, the next steps were to open the Positioner panel for each row in turn, A, B, and C, and set the size and location for that source within the M/E composition. Input Row D is used as the background and remains at full size so you do not need to do anything there.

M/E 1 Comp Bin Slot 1 context menu open, Export selected.

Next, click the “blue cursor” at the left of M/E 1 to open the M/E Comp Bin, move the cursor over a “slot” and click the camera icon to store this setup as a preset. Hover the cursor over the bin to open the context menu, and select the Export option. A file requester will open, and you can navigate to the folder of your choice and save this M/E preset.

Left: M/E 3 Comp Bin context menu open, Import selected. Right: File Requester open to load a saved preset.

Select M/E 3. Select your sources for each input row. Click the left side menu pulldown to open the M/E Comp Bin, hover over a slot and this time select Import from the menu. Navigate to the file you just saved and load it. This will apply the save positions and sizes to the sources selected on M/E 3.

At this point you can use the positioner on each Input row to relocate the video on that row to the lower half of the screen, so that you have the final arrangement of six sources over the background. The trainer mentions an alternative method of multi-delegating the sources to the joystick on the control surface; multi-delegation will be covered in a later tutorial.

NewTek Switcher UI Main Switcher Comp Bin with 7 Presets.

Our trainer opens the Main Switcher Comp Bin and shows that he has created seven presets in the slots. These are the full view, and close-ups on each of the six boxes in the multi-box effect. When these presets are used, the Switcher creates virtual camera moves on the multi-layered video, zooming in to a single box, panning from box to box, or zooming back out to the full view.

As noted, NewTek production systems’ M/Es have zero latency, so you can construct complex and compelling visuals with layered video and use them in real time during your live productions.

We hope this video has been helpful for you. If you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a Facebook LIve or 2-Minute Tutorial, please send us a message. We will see you next time.

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