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Recording Multiple Video Streams with NewTek IsoCorder Pro

February 03, 2017 by Chuck Baker

In our Intro to NewTek IsoCorder Pro our demonstrator showed how to record an IP video stream to an IsoCorder channel. IsoCorder Pro can record any IP video format, up to 16 channels simultaneously, and offers recording control both from individual channel monitors and from a master Record panel.

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To begin, our presenter first uses the Display controls to switch to a quad monitor view. The Display button at lower right of the UI opens the Display Control panel. The Display Control panel is set up to offer either one-channel or four-channel view options. The top row of controls offers 4 groups of four channels each. The bottom row of controls offers individual views of the channels in the four-channel group selected on the top row, or a quad view of that entire group. Our presenter chooses to see the Channels 1-4 group, first viewing just Channel 1, then changing to the quad view showing 1 through 4.

On the Display Control panel, the presenter easily changes the four-monitor view to look at Channels 5-8, then 9-12, then 13-16, before moving back to 1-4.

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For recording, our presenter first activates the recording of channels using the Record button below each channel monitor in the quad view and turns recording off for each channel there as well.

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In addition to the individual channel Record buttons below each monitor, there is a Record button at lower right that opens a Recording Control Panel.  In the video, the presenter clicks on Channel 1 and 6 in this panel to turn on recording in those channels, then uses the Stop All button to stop recording both channels at once.

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NewTek IsoCorder Pro can sense any combination of active channels, so the presenter uses the Start All button to turn on recording for all of the active channels at once. They happen to be set up as 1-8 for this video, but could be any arrangement of active and inactive channels in practice. Again, the presenter then uses the Stop All button to stop all active recordings at once.

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One last note: in the video, we notice that in the quad view of the 5-8 channel group, Channel 8 is receiving  what is clearly a multi-layered composite shot. This is the output of a TriCaster Mix/Effects bus (M/E) as an NDI stream. TriCaster Advanced Edition can send inputs and internal sources directly to the network, without having to send them to the Program output. Producers are thus able to record a variety of both raw and produced video, allowing for incredible flexibility in the future use and repurposing of content from any live production.

We hope this video has been helpful to you, and if you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a two-minute tutorial, please send us a message.

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