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Using ProMAX's NewTek NDI® Capture for ProMAX Servers

August 28, 2018 by Chuck Baker

ProMAX Systems designs and builds high-powered shared storage devices and workflow servers that improve the efficiency of the content creation process from ingest to archive. ProMAX systems power workflow for film, video, broadcast, and livestream, and include support for NewTek NDI®, the royalty free IP technology for bi-directional transport of audio, video, metadata and communications at very high quality and very low latency over standard networks.

Among the capabilities that ProMAX provides in their storage products is the ability to capture a NewTek NDI feed from a camera or other device directly to a ProMAX storage server or shared storage system, bypassing the need to engage a production system or workstation to mediate the process. This reduces network traffic and reserves production resources for other tasks. ProMAX offers client software for Mac and Windows systems that allows even a wifi-attached laptop to be used to control and monitor the ProMAX storage systems.

ProMax’s client software also provides entry to the editing process. The operator in the video shows the additional functions available in the monitoring window for the ProMAX client software. The “Chop” function will close out a recording and make it available to an editor, while simultaneously commencing a new recording from that feed at the very next frame. The entirety of the feed from a given camera or source is recorded, then, without losing any of it, and while making it available steadily to the editors in segments custom selected by the producer or TD monitoring the feed. The “Stop” function ends the recording of the feed and completes the recording, making it available to the editor.

In addition to the tutorial video above showing how to use the NDI functions to contribute to an IP workflow for video production, ProMAX has produced a three-part blog series covering the basics and best practices of NDI in production workflows, with particular attention to Media Asset Management (MAM), backup and archiving.

Start here with part 1: From Lens to Archive: Management with NewTek’s NDI, part 1

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