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VideoGuys sprechen über NDI® und mehr mit Dr. Andrew Cross

Gary Bettan, president of Videoguys, spoke with Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek, in a recent episode of their weekly webinar. The special occasion was the third anniversary of the announcement of NewTek NDI at IBC 2015, and discussion ranged from talk about those early days to the explosive growth of NDI since then, and the effect it is having for any industry that uses video, sweeping as its effect within the video industry has been.

In an exchange in the early part of the discussion, the two recall a 2015 talk about the hot topics of that year’s NAB being 4K and IP, and the merits and relative importance of each.

Dr. Cross: “4K is a step up the resolution chain, it just takes HD and makes it better. IP has the real opportunity to really disrupt things. It’s not just ‘hey we have more of something,’ it’s ‘hey, this changes the whole way we work.’ The move to IP is one of the biggests shifts that we are going to see [in video production]… It’s not just about the shift to IP, it’s much more about the shift to computer-based technologies, and IP is one of them…Apple, a computer company, revolutionized the phone industry and we all went from traditional handsets to basically computers. If you think about it, Apple, Samsung and Google are the big phone companies and they are all computing companies. The same is going to happen to our industry, and that is the change that there will be no coming back from; 4K pales into insignificance when compared to that, even though on its own it is an important change.”

Mr. Bettan: “I think you’re being a little too modest, because while IP is the overall umbrella we’re talking about, what’s actually doing this today is NDI, and it’s really making an impact. We use NDI here in our studio, and we have customers all over the world who are using NDI. What we are seeing very quickly is that outside of the video production space, people are catching on that this NDI thing is special and it’s anything that’s video…it’s going to completely disrupt digital signage, and you have to think it is going to do that same thing to A/V conference rooms. The way that Final Cut democratized video editing, you could almost say NDI is going to do the same for more than just video production, for video everywhere.”

The two observe that since their talk in 2015, NewTek’s royalty free IP technology for transport of video, audio and data over standard networks has become the most widely adopted standard for IP video production. NDI is enabled in thousands of products in the hands of millions of users. Companies such as Microsoft, Panasonic, Atomos, Wirecast, and hundreds more have signed up for the SDK and have integrated it into their products.

The two also discuss NewTek’s announcements at IBC 2018, and Dr. Cross shares some insights on what may be on the horizon for NDI, and for computer-based technologies for video production and other video industries. Along the way they cover:

  • LiveGraphics, which unleashes Adobe Creative Cloud applications Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere for real-time graphics work in live production with NewTek systems
  • NDI KVM, which eliminates the need for dedicated cabling between control devices and the production systems - they just need to be on the same network
  • NewTek’s NDI Studio Monitor in the most recent upgrade becomes capable of being controlled remotely by other devices. This allows a system controlling a digital signage installation to be accessed remotely to update or change the program playing out on the displays.
  • NewTek Premium Access, a new way for customers to keep current with the best new technologies from NewTek
  • The amazing capabilities of the 4K 60p 16-input TriCaster TC1, on which the weekly webinar and other productions from Videoguys are produced

Enjoy the webinar!

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