From Boardroom to Virtual Conference Studio

From Boardroom to Virtual Conference Studio

June 30, 2021


Dr Andrew Cross (President, Vizrt Group R&D)
Nicholas Smith (JB&A Vice President of Technology)
Matt Bain (JB&A Director of Solutions Architecture)

Imagine this…Your company is having a meeting on the TEAMS platform with 100 employees who are in multiple locations. Some are in the office, where the main presenters are but others are in different regions and countries. Some presenters are also in remote locations. With the broadcasting system you can easily orchestrate all presenters and presentations to come in and out as though they were all in the same room!

This is exactly how news and sports broadcasters bring you exciting and dynamic video content and feeds from multiple sources in real-time.  

In this 2-hour virtual session, we will demonstrate exactly how it’s done. You will see in real-time how anyone can take a common video conferencing experience to a powerful high-impact viewing experience for attendees. You will see and feel the difference instantly.

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/Wednesday, June 30, 2021
10am PDT / 12pm CDT / 1pm EDT

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