LightWave eleven Pre-Release FAQs

What makes this a Pre-Release?

The LightWave 11 Pre-Release is an advanced beta form of the product, but not the final version. While some features are close to final, others are in a state of development and will evolve toward the final release of the product. It is important to note that several of our studio users are using LightWave 11 Pre-Release in production especially for the GoZ support and Instancing features however it is not a final version of the software and changes are possible as we move toward the final release so please keep that in mind.

Why LightWave Pre-Release?

Many of our users have expressed their desire for access to some of the features included with the LightWave 11 upgrade now. So, we decided to make available the LightWave 11 Pre-Release users could have access to features like Instancing, GoZ support, Bullet Dynamics, Flocking, Shadow / Reflection Catcher and enhanced VPR with instancing support and easy Shift - Click surface selection.

Who can purchase the LightWave 11 Pre-Release Upgrade?

If you are a current registered owner of LightWave 10 or 10.1, you have the option to buy the LightWave 11 Pre-Release Upgrade. This pre-release lets you use the new LightWave 11 features now, instead of waiting for the final release. Everyone else can purchase LightWave 11 when the official final LightWave 11 software is released and shipping to the public. The final is slated to release around the end of the year.

How do I purchase and download my LightWave 11 Pre-Release Upgrade?

Qualified customers should receive an email from NewTek with the heading “LightWave Eleven Pre-Release,” which will include instructions, the customer's username and unique password for the store. You must use this username and password to login to the store and gain access to the correct LightWave 11 Pre-Release product. The Pre-Release is only available as a download, and hi-speed Internet access is required. You have only 60 days from your initial download to download all the links for the LightWave 11 Pre-Release. Due to the high demand for the LightWave 11 Pre-Release, your personal download links have been extended to allow for high transfer traffic.

What if I am eligible for the LightWave 11 Pre-Release Upgrade and did not get an email from NewTek? Or what if the step-by-step instructions for the LightWave 11 Pre-Release Upgrade do not work for me?

Please email NewTek at with your LightWave 10 or 10.1 serial number and/or HardCORE member number. Customer Service hours are: M-F, 9:30am to 5:30pm CST. Please keep that in mind when contacting customer service.

What is the cost of my LightWave 11 Pre-Release Upgrade?

The LightWave 11 Pre-Release Upgrade is a special offer to current LightWave 10 and 10.1 registered users. HardCORE members receive an automatic discount when they log into (based on the date they joined HardCORE).

  • customers registered from 01/13/09 to 03/31/09 will purchase for US$395
  • customers registered from 04/01/09 to 06/15/11 will purchase for US$495
  • customers registered after 06/15/11 will purchase for $695

HardCORE members cannot skip versions in order to receive the locked-in discount available for future versions of LightWave.

Does the Pre-Release Purchase include the final release of LightWave 11?

Yes it does. If you purchase the LightWave 11 Pre-Release you will receive the final shipping version of LightWave 11 when it is released.

What if I bought LightWave 10 a few days ago?

If you purchased LightWave 10.1 within 30 days of our LightWave 11 Pre-Release announcement on 11-10-11, then you are eligible to receive LightWave 11 at no additional charge. Purchases over 30 days prior to 11-10-11 do not qualify for this offer.

What if I am an owner of a previous version of LightWave prior to LightWave 10? Do I have access to the LightWave 11 Pre-Release?

The LightWave 11 Pre-Release is a special offer to show appreciation for our current LightWave 10 and 10.1 registered customers only, and to allow them special advanced access to the new technology. LightWave 11 will be shipping to customers by the end of the year.

How long is my HardCORE member offer available for me to use?

You can use your HardCORE member discount up to 60 days after the final release of LightWave 11 (the clock does not start with this Pre-Release).

When is the full release of LightWave 11 coming?

We have slated the final release of LightWave 11 to be by the end of the year.

When will there be a trial version of LightWave 11?

Upon shipping of the final release of the LightWave 11 product, all of the supporting materials related to a final release will be available, including a trial version of the LightWave 11 software, at:

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