CABSAT: Limitless Production
See NewTek at Booth # Hall 2 C2-10

March 21 to 23, 2017

Visit NewTek at CABSAT and see NewTek’s full line of multi-camera Interconnected Production systems. Discover SDI/IP hybrid systems you can use today that provide a direct path to the IP workflows of the future.

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The Future of Live IP Production

The NewTek IP Series, Limitless Production Potential

  • A fully customizable, modular solution for hybrid SDI/IP or exclusively IP production
  • Software-driven live production with inputs, outputs and media assets readily available to any user in any location on your network
  • Named “Most Innovative Product”, RedSharkNews, IBC 2016

NDI™ Software

  • NewTek’s royalty-free standard for video production over IP (Internet Protocol)
  • Makes your production switcher, capture system, media server—any NDI-enabled device on the network—visible and accessible on your network
  • Supported by more developers than any other IP standard
Integrated, All-In-One Production Systems

TriCaster®, The Original “Studio In A Box”

  • Integrated production that gives you the ability to switch multiple sources, add graphics, titles, virtual sets and more from a single elegant interface
  • Live-Streaming, On-Demand-Video, Postproduktion, Senden und Teilen in den sozialen Medien
  • Mit der TriCaster Advanced Edition-Software für über 100 Möglichkeiten

TalkShow®, Broadcast Systems for Skype

  • Live Skype interviews that look great — and sound amazing
  • Bring up to 4 guests from all over the world into live productions via Skype TX — at broadcast quality

MediaDS, Media Distribution System

  • Die einzige vollständig integrierte Hardware- und Software-Lösung – eine Kombination aus der branchenführenden Live-Produktionstechnologie von NewTek und der leistungsstarken Wowza Streaming-Software
  • Ausgezeichnet als „Best of Show“, ISE 2017
  • Effortlessly deliver your shows directly from your production suite to viewers on any device, anywhere (within the building, across the campus, or around the world)

Connect with NewTek
at CABSAT Booth # Hall 2 C2-10
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