NewTek LiveGraphics Features

Get the look you’ve always wanted for your production without investing in expensive tools and intensive training. With LiveGraphics, you can create and customize sophisticated title templates and real-time motion graphics—faster and easier than ever before.

Multi-Channel Motion Graphics

Access up to 10 simultaneous channels of real-time motion graphics in resolutions up to 4K UHD at 60 frames per second on your NewTek IP Series or TriCaster® TC1 live production system.

100+ Included Templates

Enhance your production instantly with more than 100 customizable, production-ready templates included for broadcast news, sports coverage, corporate video, entertainment programming, live events, and more.

Layered PSD File Support

Import custom Adobe® Photoshop® CC files into your production for overlay application, with full support for layers, text editing, font styles, textures, and more.

Custom AE Animations

Produce and present moving titles, motion graphics, and looping effects with comprehensive support for Adobe® After Effects® CC animations, including real-time rendering of layer styles, motion, expressions, text, and more.

LiveGraphics Creator Plugin

Animate your own PSD title templates and graphics compositions quickly and easily with the included LiveGraphics Creator plugin for Adobe® After Effects® CC.

Motion Presets and Settings

Configure complex movements, offset actions, and dynamic effects with an extensive library of drag-and-drop motion presets, plus fully configurable animation speed, delay, and layer linking.


Apply motion to your entire composition automatically, directing LiveGraphics to analyze content and add animation presets for you with a single button tap.

Smooth Playback

Present flawless graphics playback sequences, moving seamlessly from one preset state to another with Smart Transitions and proceeding effortlessly between Intro, Loop, and Outro animations for each asset.

Data and Layer Presets

Designate up to 16 data presets and effect states per asset to streamline the process of customizing graphics for live application or export.

Replaceable Text and Images

Edit placeholder fields to customize the included templates, or build text and image layers into your own designs to populate graphics with content applicable to your production.

Drive graphics with real-time data, delivering live content from scoreboards, databases, webpages, social media, XML files, and more via the integrated DataLink technology.

Flexible Control

Manage and apply graphics using your choice of supported control methods to include LivePanel, hardware control panels, touchscreen interaction, macros, automation systems, and more.

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Über NewTek-Premium-Zugang

Erhalten Sie Zugang zu neuen Technologien und Premium-Tools, aktivieren Sie exklusive Funktionen und Fähigkeiten und freuen Sie sich auf kontinuierliche Upgrades mit den neuesten Innovationen und Verbesserungen für Ihr NewTek Live-Produktionssystem. Mit dem NewTek Premium-Zugang können Sie den neuesten Stand der Technik in Sachen Live-Produktion nutzen – und profitieren dabei vom Komfort und der Kostenersparnis eines monatlichen Software-Abonnements.

Kompatibilität von NewTek LiveGraphics

  • Kompatibel mit der NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine und dem TriCaster® TC1
  • Kompatibel mit aktuellen Versionen von unterstützten Anwendungen der Adobe® Creative Cloud®* für Microsoft® Windows®
*Adobe® Creative Cloud®-Mitgliedschaft erforderlich. Es gelten die Mindestsystemanforderungen.
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