Workflows for Venues and Houses of Worship

Every seat is the best seat in the house.

Festivals. Theatrical performances. Concerts. Rallies. Sports. You can feel the excitement at live events long before the whistle blows, the lights go down, or the curtains go up. Extend the adrenaline beyond the stage and into the grandstand. With the simplicity of a solo act and the elegance of an orchestra, TriCaster lets you glide easily from camera to every display in the venue.

workflow-tricaster venue

Sophisticated audiences expect even more. More camera inputs and cutting-edge effects. More videos to punctuate the live action. And more innovative graphics and live networked computers. TriCaster delivers. The winning goal - every time. No obstructed views. Not a dry eye in the house.

Your service. Your ceremony. The world is cordially invited.

Good news. Your house of worship can extend its outreach. Built for simplicity in any location, TriCaster helps reach more members. Including absentees. Homebound. And potential newcomers. No large production crew? No need. Even community volunteers and youth groups can become well-versed in network-quality production. Your service, plus one camera. Send live to a projector. On-air. On the Web. In one take.


Service, sermon, and music are just the beginning. Introduce multiple cameras, video reels, and graphics to enhance the message. Share a computer screen with song lyrics projected to the congregants. TriCaster delivers. Versatility. Simplicity and affordability. For any denomination.

Want to know more about NewTek live production workflows? Take a look at how TriCaster fits in broadcast and webcast, sports and education, and government media workflows.


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