SDK Programs

NewTek‘s Video Software Development Kit (SDK) Program is designed to provide third-party developers access to the tools needed to build applications and products that integrate with and augment NewTek products. Some of the SDKs available to qualified developers include:

add-on sdk

Network Device Interface SDK

Install NDI on production devices to make the inputs and outputs of those devices—including switchers, graphics engines, laptops, etc.—available as video sources to other NDI-enabled receiving devices over a shared standard network. The basis of the NewTek Advanced IP Workflow, NDI employs refined encoding and communication protocols to efficiently package and send information over the bandwidth of a standard LAN.

xd add-on sdk

Add-On SDK

Seamlessly integrate your own applications as TriCaster Add-Ons available from the Startup Screen menu.

datalink sdk

DataLink SDK

Link to live data feeds to deliver dynamic on-screen data that updates in real time.

xd add-on sdk

File Reader SDK

Enable applications to read Quicktime files being recorded by TriCaster and 3Play while recording is in progress.

xd add-on sdk

Macro Extensions API

Write cross-platform macro commands that extend TriCaster and 3Play automation to other products within your live production environment.

remote control sdk

Remote Control SDK

Enable suitable systems to control NewTek production systems remotely over a TCP/IP communication link.

remote control sdk

Video Send SDK

Allow external applications to send audio and video — including transparency — to NewTek production systems over a local network.

remote control sdk

Video Source SDK

Configure applications as custom video sources selectable from the Network Input menus of TriCaster and 3Play.