ProTek FAQ

The answers you need.

NewTek is pleased to provide ProTek product coverage options for our customers with critical production requirements. We understand there’s a lot you need to know, so here are answers to some of the most common questions we've been asked. Still want more information? Contact your reseller to talk about your coverage requirements. You’ll also receive complete program details at the time of your ProTek purchase.

How does ProTek differ from my existing product warranty?

NewTek video products include a 12-month standard warranty. This provides you with phone support during regular business hours, as well as service coverage in the case there is a defect with your product. ProTek greatly expands this coverage by providing high priority handling of your service and support needs by NewTek. You also get extended hours, expedited responses, and rapid repair and replacement turnaround times. In addition, unlike the standard warranty, ProTek allows for annual renewals for as long as the product is supported by NewTek.

How do I get ProTek coverage?

Your NewTek Authorized Reseller or Elite Partner can help you with your ProTek coverage purchase for your existing NewTek products, if they are eligible. They can also help you add it to any new NewTek video product you are purchasing. ProTek can be added to eligible products at any time during your standard warranty period. The coverage start date will reflect the purchase date of the covered product, so it's your best option to add it at or close to the time of purchase. ProTek coverage is available in the U.S. on 3Play, TriCaster® and related hardware purchases.

I'm a LightWave customer. Can I get priority support access?

LightWave support will continue to be unlimited and free of charge. There is no option for LightWave customers to pay for ProTek access.

I never received my Agreement. How will I know if my ProTek coverage is active?

You will know that your ProTek coverage is active because when you order, you will receive a ProTek Customer Kit that includes the language of your Customer Agreement, your Certificate of Coverage which signifies acceptance of your signed Agreement by NewTek, your ProTek ID number, and useful information for utilizing the benefits of ProTek service.

I never signed my Agreement; do I still have coverage?

NewTek requires that you agree to the program terms before services can be provided, but no need to worry. While sending your signed contract to NewTek will allow you seamless entry in to the ProTek program services via the ProTek ID number you would have received, NewTek Customer Support will gladly get this paperwork out of the way quickly should you ever have an issue so you can enjoy the benefits you've purchased during the time period you expect. Of course, should any downtime or other issue arise and time be of the essence there's no use waiting for paperwork to be completed or processed, so it is certainly better to get the Agreement done at your earliest convenience.

Which plan is better for me, ProTek Care or ProTek Elite?

Despite the lower price tag on ProTek Care, the coverage provided by each program is extensive. The difference really has to do with location or mobility, clients, and the type of productions being covered. ProTek Elite is designed to leverage the local expertise and accessibility of our Elite Service Providers, in addition to providing much of the same benefits as ProTek Care. For customers who can benefit from the local support relationship offered by ProTek Elite, that's the best choice.

On the other hand, for customers whose work requires them to be more mobile, or to operate from multiple distant locations, ProTek Care provides a centralized, NewTek-provided support plan that doesn't vary, regardless of your distance from your Elite Service Provider's location.

Can I get ProTek coverage if I live outside of the U.S.?

ProTek coverage is currently available in the U.S. and Canada only, with some additional limitations. Customers who have purchased products outside the ProTek service area should expect the same level of NewTek support that they have always received.

Will I know when it's time to renew?

Yes. Your Authorized Reseller or Elite Partner should contact you during your renewal window, which begins 75 days before your coverage expires. Make sure you do not let your coverage lapse: ProTek coverage must always be active.

Are accessories covered by ProTek?

ProTek coverage can be purchased for accessories, as long as the system they are used with is also covered by ProTek. Since most operations between an accessory and a system rely on the proper functioning of both, it is not practical to provide coverage on the accessory if the system it's used with is not covered. Likewise, ProTek coverage for many systems includes coverage for the corresponding control surface.

What kinds of damage are covered by ProTek repair?

ProTek repair services are available for defects or damage due to normal use. ProTek follows the same exclusions as the standard product warranty so abuse including, for example, physical or electronic damage is not serviceable under ProTek. If you have received a replacement product already you will still be liable for the cost to repair products that fall outside of the coverage.

What if I want to sell my product after I’ve purchased ProTek coverage for it?

Don’t worry. ProTek Care is transferrable to any new owner within the ProTek Care service area. Customer Support can assist in transferring ownership and ProTek coverage.

Will NewTek fix my product if I have a problem and have not purchased ProTek coverage?

NewTek will address your problem. All NewTek video products come with a standard warranty lasting 12 months from purchase date. However, all products eventually reach a point where they can no longer be serviced, ProTek or otherwise. We call that point “End of Life” or EoL. Assuming yours hasn’t reached EoL or suffered damage from abuse, NewTek will repair your original product for a flat fee, even if it is out of warranty. If you need this service, please contact Customer Support to arrange payment and an RMA.

What if my product cannot be repaired?

NewTek has extensive capabilities to repair and certify your ProTek-covered product; however, occasions arise where a defect, parts availability, or the age of your product renders it uneconomical to make repairs. In such cases, NewTek will provide a full replacement with the same model or one with similar or improved features. As with all repairs, coverage is limited to defects caused or discovered through normal use.

How do I access Customer Support during the extended hours?

With ProTek, Customer Support is ready to provide technical assistance on your NewTek product around the clock, seven days per week. You can access this extended support in exactly the same manner as you access Customer Support regularly, but with a ProTek option: You will notice a telephone prompt for ProTek access when you call the standard Customer Support phone number (1-800-862-7837). Follow the instructions and have your ProTek ID available. ProTek Elite customers may need to leave a callback message that will be returned within ten minutes.

I bought ProTek Care with my new video product and received a voucher acknowledging the purchase. Am I all set?

No. In some cases due to the inventory management practices of our partners your ProTek purchase will be reflected with a voucher which requires activation. If you have such a voucher your coverage is exactly the same, starting from the date of product delivery, but you'll need to follow the instructions on the voucher to activate your ProTek ID in our systems. You'll be shipped a Welcome Kit once your coverage is active which includes a Certificate showing your covered product Serial Number and the dates of coverage.

What if I buy ProTek Care and then ProTek Elite is introduced in my area?

ProTek Care enhances all areas of service and support. However, if ProTek Elite becomes available in your area, you will be able to upgrade your service for a small fee, should you decide to purchase ProTek Elite. Your new Elite Service Provider will be able to provide details. This upgrade option is only available if new ProTek Elite service is introduced in your area.

What if I have a question that you should have included here?

We’ve covered most of it, but we can't think of everything. Email [email protected] and we'll find the information you need.